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Do you want to work and travel? Do you like working with kids and enjoy traveling? Would you like to teach english while you travel around the world?


Now you can do it with the help of The TEFL Academy!


Hey! I’m Caro, the CEO of this website, I’m going to five you all the information you need to become a TEFL teacher, but before talking about it, let me tell you a bit more about me:

I’m 27 years old, I’m from Argentina, and I’m an english teacher and a traveler.

I left my country in December 2014 to start a new and unknown adventure.

My first destination was Barcelona, where I lived for 2 years. While being there, I worked as an advertiser (my university degree career), and I was also doing some nanny jobs. Soon, I realized that what I really enjoyed doing was working with kids, so I decided to move to Australia and work as an Au Pair (nanny that lives in the house with a family). I was lucky enough that the family I was working and living with was moving to New Zealand and asked me to go with them.

I spent 2 years with this amazing family and, it was then, where I finally decided to pursue what I always wanted to do in a professional way: working with kids while teaching english and traveling the world. That was the moment when The TEFL Academy appeared in my life.

I started looking for options: I searched the web and lots of schools and academies to become an english teacher and I ended up choosing The TEFL Academy. Why? because they promised a course done 100% by you. What does this means? it is a course that’s 98% online, so I could still work while studying. I choose the times when I wanted to study, and the times where I was busy. They give you 6 months of access to the course and you have all that time to finish it. I did it in 1 month and a half -and as I said, I was working and studying-.

It also has an intensive weekend kind of masterclass, where you meet fellow teachers and an experienced TEFL teacher explains and teaches you about this amazing career. They show and teach you how to make a great CV, where to find and apply for jobs, and they teach you lots of new activities to use in class. You also have to deliver 2 lessons in front of your classmates which is a great practice!

Today, a year and a half after the course, I still recommend it to anyone that ask me about my experience as a teacher. It’s because of this that I decided to work together with them and become their new Brand Ambassador.  This way, I can keep recommending them (because I believe 100% in the Academy), while earning some money:

For every person that buys a course through my link, I’ll get a small commission. That does not mean that the course will be more expensive for you -will be the same price-, but it will help me keep doing what I love!


So, if you want to chase your dream of traveling around the world, teach and get to know other cultures and ways of life, this could be your opportunity!!!

If you want more information, leave me a message on the comments below, send me an email: caropiqueras@gmail.com or contact me through my instagram @caropiqueras. I’m more than happy to help you all!


What are you waiting to make your dreams come true?



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